If you sometimes forget the importance of taking care of your skin daily, here are some tricks to do it correctly.

You may not think of it that way, but the skin is also an organ, specifically the largest in your body. Besides, it is the only one that is in direct contact with the outside continuously. It protects us from the external environment, from the air, from weather changes, microorganisms, and waterproof. It does not allow anything to enter the interior or anything to leave. That is why we must take care of our skin.

The skin is a very important organ for our health and well-being, but on many occasions, we do not take care of it with the love it deserves.

Daily Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, the pores can become clogged, and the cosmetic products that we apply will not be able to act properly, so they will not be effective.

It is very important to remove the traces of sebum, dirt, pollution, applied products, and the skin’s waste products daily.

For facial skin, we recommend that you clean twice a day, morning and night. Use products suitable for your skin type (dry, normal, combination, or oily) and your needs.

As for body cleansing, once a day is usually enough, it is not so exposed to the environment. Body cleansing products should be gentle, better syndet type, and with an adequate pH that does not modify healthy skin.

Daily Hydration

For the skin to be healthy and to be able to perform all its functions, it must be properly hydrated.

Use serums and creams appropriate to your skin’s characteristics twice a day, which cover its needs for both water and lipids. The ideal would be to do it while doing a small massage with both hands when applying them.

Not all areas of your skin have the same characteristics, and that is why the products must be adapted to the area. Thus, the body’s skin is generally drier than that of the face, the skin around the eyes or lips are much finer and more delicate than the rest of the face, etc.

Eye Contour

It is an area with much more sensitive, fine, and delicate skin, so it needs specific products. You should apply them twice a day, with gentle touches with your fingers above the orbital bone.

Lips And Nose

The lips are one of the most forgotten areas of the face, and we only remember them when they crack and bother us.

Within the daily routine, you should include hydration of the lips with a balsamic and repairing product. In winter, when it’s cold, or if you have cold, apply the balm to the nasal area as well to prevent irritation.

Feet, elbows, knees, etc.

As the areas with the thickest skin tend to extreme dryness, for those, we must hydrate them more frequently with products rich in hydrating and nourishing assets.