If you’ve recently read a skincare product label, you’ve likely found a common ingredient that regularly appears: glycerin.

Even if you know the products in which it is found, you may wonder what benefits glycerin provides in dry and irritated skin cases. Clear your doubts!

What is glycerin?

The glycerin has exceptional moisturizing properties, to the extent that we can consider it a magnet for water. Glycerin belongs to a class of hydrating agents known as humectants, which are prized for their ability to attract and retain moisture. When you include glycerin in your daily skincare routine, it captures moisture from the environment around it, either from the deepest layers of the skin or from the air, for a smoother and more balanced sensation in the outermost layer of the skin.

Those moisturizing properties make glycerin a popular additive in skincare products and give you extra hydration. That is why you can find it the same in products to wash your face as in hair products or shaving creams. Since glycerin is colorless and odorless, you may not detect its presence, but you will notice its effects.

Properties of glycerin for the skin

All of this means that if your skin is dry, flaky, or itchy, glycerin will give you the hydration you need. And it will do so whether you’re struggling with the dry winter air or hoping to take advantage of the humid summer weather.

The benefits of glycerin don’t end there! Glycerin can also help the skin mature properly.

How often can you apply cosmetic products containing glycerin to your skin?

One of the most compelling reasons to include glycerin in your skincare routine is that it has a very mild action. Unlike other popular ingredients for dermatological care, its daily use does not irritate the skin. The hydrating properties of glycerin reduce irritation caused by other products you apply to your skin.

The more you use products that contain glycerin, the better results you will get. To maximize the ingredients’ benefits on your face or body, you should apply the products while your skin is still slightly damp. Ideally, apply them right after washing your face or showering, especially since hot water from the tap or shower can dry out your skin, so all you need to keep your skin balanced is an extra dose of moisture.

If you forget and start your skincare routine after removing the towel, you should ideally opt for a spray or water mist that prepares your skin for glycerin creams or serums. In general, humidifiers are recommended to maintain humidity in the environment (their use is not related to the post-application of humectants).